Burning Down, But Rising Up

Emma McGee and her family rise from the ashes.

Emma McGee and her family rise from the ashes.

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This story is about my house catching on fire. Thursday, September 19th, 1:45 a.m. I was fast asleep before hearing my mother calling for me and my sister to wake up. A fire was something I didn’t expect to happen, especially not so early on a school day. I was sick and stayed home on Monday, so a fire on Thursday was something I didn’t think would just happen in the same week. I didn’t know what to do, the first thing to run through my mind was to hold my dog’s leash and lead him out; no glasses, clothes, shoes, phone, nothing. I just left.

Sitting outside, across the street, without my glasses but still seeing the bright flames suffocating the front of my house, I could still see the horror and everything slowly fading away right in front of me. It was cold, my hand was wrapped around my dog and I could feel him shaking in my arms, he seemed to have no idea what was truly happening or why we rushed him outside real quick. Everything was quick, easy for the fire but we had to be fast before the flames took off the front of my home. 

This story isn’t to make you feel bad for me, my family and I are getting better. We’re slowly making our way back to normal and living our lives again. We had an experience, our lives changed in a literal fiery way. Our hearts, souls, and minds are still weary of everything, and we keep each other close. We have ourselves, our dog, and our spirits. But we’re okay, and that’s all that matters now.