“S.O.S” Stands For “Stress On Students!”

Do yourself a favor and stay away from drama.

November 4, 2019


Too Much Drama?

School work isn’t the only thing that stresses students out. DRAMA is another thing stressing students out and drama starts when people talk about a situation without knowing both sides of the story. It can give people anxiety, acne, and depression. Drama can ruin many friendships and relationships, by spreading rumors that can make people dislike you or look at you differently. It can also give the school a bad reputation.

People lose focus because they’re so consumed in drama. It can make students not want to come to school because it can make the atmosphere tense. Most students think the drama itself is more stressful than the work, and it makes them dread coming to school. At times, school can become an unsafe place because kids want to fight each other.

Peer pressure can play a big role in drama because students will encourage other students to fight. We talked to some students about how they feel about drama.

“When people start drama it makes me angry and it makes me want to fight them,” said sophomore Kyden Williams.” Sohomore Gabby ? said: “Stress…I don’t like it.”

When asked if drama can be more stressful than school work, Kyden said: “Yes, because you can’t do your school work if you’re worried about what other people are saying.”

And Gabby’s response was, “Yes, because it distracts me from my school work.”

We also decided to ask Mrs. Vensel, who teaches Family Consumer Sciences, her thoughts on the subject. “Yes I do (think drama is distracting),” she said. “As humans in general, whether it’s a student or teacher, we become curious and nosy as to what’s going on.”


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