Reservoir Park Tennis Courts Being Re-Done

September 29, 2019

At Reservoir Park in Massillon, the tennis courts are finally getting a well-deserved and needed makeover. Demolition on the courts on September 3rd, by tearing down the rusted and curved in fences. 

The renovated tennis courts are expected to have nine refurbished light posts with LED fixtures supplied by the Massillon City Electrical Department, new fencing, and new asphalt flooring and poles for netting on all five courts. During an interview with Canton Repository, Steve Pedro, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department director, said a $190,000 upgrade project involving five courts is expected to begin Sept. 11 and run through Oct. 25.

During the renovation, the Washington High School’s tennis team is affected in a couple ways. The team had to move all September matches in order to play away, and resort to practicing at Wampler Park’s courts. Brian Mannweiler, the high school boys and girls tennis coach, said it was time for an upgrade.

“The surfaces and fencing has not been touched in over 26 years,” Mannweiler said. “I felt disappointment for my players when we played at opponents courts and then thought about the courts we have to play our matches on.”

The team knew what they had to sacrifice, as the renovation of the courts is absolutely necessary. Steve Pedro also told Canton Repository “it’s a safety hazard.”

The old courts consisted of very unsafe playing conditions, including the large cracks in the asphalt with weeds growing out of them, the rusted and caved in fencing, and the light poles being inside of the courts.

The renovation was the only option, considering the Parks Department has been trying to get a bid from a company for years. Pedro said not many summer bids were received, causing the delay. 

Fortunately, the new courts will be available by spring for Washington High School’s tennis team, all while bringing in a newer look for the Reservoir Park.

“My hope is it draws in more interest to such a great and lifelong sport!” Mannweiler exclaims. The renovation will be attractive for the community and most of all, safe. 


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  1. Rosario Nail on October 11th, 2019 4:50 pm

    Enjoyed the update on the tennis court renovations. Although I live out of state now, I enjoy keeping up with the local news. Thank you for this piece. Well done 🙂

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